There is a nuclear power plant in Saga.
It is near from here.
Kyushu Electric Power Co., Inc.[Kyuden], they will try
to use plutonium.
This is our problem.

*Plutonium thermal use [PLUTHERMAL], It is not possible to recycle.

This is not for Global warming prevention.
This is not for Saving Energy Resource.

We must stop making the Radioactive substance any more.

*The spent plutonium cannot move for 500 years.
       . . .It will be made.

Because it is very dangerous, no one can do.
The person must keep managing it for safety.
When plutonium is nucleus divided, the high-level radioactivity
 material is made.
It is more dangerous than the uranium.

*Durability is different.

They try to use the uranium facilities.
It is dangerous to use plutonium in the uranium facilities.

*Half of people in Fukuoka City will die when there is a big accident.

Fukuoka City is away from facilities only at 50km.
Populous Fukuoka City will become the maximum stricken area.

We must stop Pluthermal Project.

Without giving it up for the future.
Let's have hope and courage.

Please participate in our activity.


* We are doing the signature activity.

* Good Bye Pluthermal! at Nishitetsu hall in October 18.

-Live and lecture meeting (Nishitetu hall)
-Photograph exhibition, workshop,
  and screening association (Kego shrine)
-Parade (Kego park)
The placard, the disguise, the drum, and the participant wanted.





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